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Social media has recently been buzzing with news that Nickson Molife has been earning millions with a new “Secret system”. A source close to Nickson revealed the news by mistake, which has since been shared on Facebook and reported on national television and press. At Finance-Today, we wanted to find out more about these “secret money systems” that he has been using, to see if they really worked.

It has been revealed that Nickson has been trading with a system called  “FOREX trading” which initially became globally famous, where many people made thousands or even millions of dollars with little effort using a unique method to always beat the market. Earlier this year, the TV documentary show “60 Minutes” did a special report interviewing people who earned money from Forex trading. They explained that the reason it was secret for so long was the fact that many people who got wealthy off Forex didn’t want everyone else to know about it too. One insider, who would not be named in the documentary elaborated, “This system can make working-class Americans wealthy overnight. This makes the political elite nervous as they want to maintain control”. However, since January 2015, it has been estimated that thousands of new millionaires have already been created worldwide.


A source from a leading consultancy stated “FOREX trading is now creating many more weekly millionaires than the lottery. In fact, we are seeing 90% of new clients seeking wealth advice now earn their main income from forex trading. What is astounding is that many of these people were working in regular jobs, like construction, office jobs and even unemployed and now they are earning more than top stockbrokers in London, New York or Tokyo.”

As part of a web research into these claims, it has been found that the website 24 Business News managed to track down a Saudi man who had used the secret system and he has published a diary of his first week’s earnings with the system. Before he started trading with forex, he was working in a low paid office job. Since then, this story has become famous on the web. We have published the diary excerpt below. This is just one example of thousands of people, worldwide, who have started to trade this year with FOREX, and shared their success on the web. The following diary extract is a truly amazing account of his first week’s trading.

It’s important to remember that each trader experiences their own success story, and this is his personal experience alone.

The 7 Day Test with FOREX Trading

The Results

Day One

“On day one, I signed up with the simple registration form. I lodged some trading funds using my debit card. I was aware that this was 100% refundable if I decided not to continue, so I was happy with this. On the first day, I looked at the site and I could see that my balance was $250. I felt great excitement about starting to trade, after all the news about people earning huge money from that system. I “executed” my first trade, with help from the site, it was so easy. Is that all I had to do? I went to bed and decided I would check it when I got back to work the next day.”

Day Two

“On day two, I woke up and rushed to work. I had slept in and was going to be late for my train. When I got to the office, I checked my emails and drank my coffee. Then, I remembered, I forgot to check my trade! It was already 10:45 am, so it was almost 12 hours since I placed it. I logged into the site, feeling nervous and excited. Would my funds still be there? I felt a little anxious…

I opened the dashboard of the site. I thought at first I had made a mistake. Was this my account? I double checked the account name in the corner, yes it was mine. At that point, I almost spilled my coffee! I could see that my new balance at that time was $1,550. Incredible! In only 12 hours, while I was sleeping, the account made $1,200 profit from the $250 that I had funded. I’m glad I remembered to make a screenshot of it, so you can see below what I saw that morning. I wrote to my account manager, who was helping me at a broker, and amazingly, he was not as surprised as I was. “This is normal”, he said, “In fact, we often see people earning more than that in the first 12 hours”. I was impressed, this thing was really working. For the rest of the day, I could hardly concentrate on my job.”

Day Three

“On day three of my trading, I was really getting into it. I could see that this wasn’t some sort of complicated system for fund managers and stockbrokers. This was easy and not only that, it was very clear how I was earning so much money. During my apprentice years, I wrote an article about day trading in London and New York. I recall that a senior trader at a firm told me that in any single day, there are billions of dollars traded on currency, oil, gold and shares. This was hard to even understand, but it is clear that every single minute, a trader can earn thousands of dollars in profit without any effort. Somehow, ONLINE TRADING opens up these possibilities to all of us. It may be the most powerful money making tool ever created. On day three, I made some more trades in my account on a broker’s platform. I spent about 15 minutes doing that. And another 30 minutes checking back on my trades every now and then. By the time I went to bed, my account had reached an incredible $3,736.23. I started to dream about spending this, I could pay off my credit card debt. But I decided to wait longer and see how much I could make.”

Day Four

“Today, things really took off. Once again, I contacted my broker and spoke to my advisor. He explained that the more money I made, the more I could potentially earn. I made a few more trades. The end of day balance was an astounding $8,785. This was much more than I earn in a year. In just 4 remarkable days, I had earned enough to travel the world with my girlfriend, first class! She didn’t even know about my success yet. I booked a table at a 5-star hotel for the weekend to tell her about this amazing story. I decided I would pay off her student debt so that she could continue to pursue her dream as a fashion buyer. This money was going to change our lives.”

Day Five

“On day five, I started to realize that things were getting serious. My balance had now reached $15,627.89. I felt intense joy but also just a little anxiety, if you can believe it! This was so much money in MY account. At this point, I received a call from my broker who congratulated me on my success, he also told me if I reached $100,000 by the end of the month, I could join the “Diamond Club”. He further explained that “We help create so many new millionaires that we actually have a special department support new millionaires-to-be”. They offer advice on how to manage your new wealth. But I already have my wish list planned: I will pay all my debt, which is about $5,000. I also want to pay my girlfriend’s debt as well. Next month will be my mother’s birthday, and I want to get her a great gift that she will treasure. Eventually, I will buy a new car. I walked into the Mercedes-Benz showroom and took a new model for a test drive. The price tag was $55,000, even though it was still too expensive for me right now, I knew I would be back to buy it in the near future without having to get a loan.”

Day Six

“When I woke up on day six, the first thing I did it checked my stats on my phone. I didn’t need to worry about rushing for the train because I had already arranged for a limo to collect me that morning. Sure, the cost would be high, but I wanted to see the look on my boss’s face when I pulled up at our office in a sleek black stretch limo! I felt like Gordon Gecko in the movie “Wall St.” and it was so much fun. I decided that I didn’t want to spend every day working for minimum wage when I could earn so much working from home (if you could call it working!). I quit my job and gave a huge gift basket for all my friends in the office. Some people thought maybe I had won the lottery. I didn’t tell them about my secret. I wanted to wait and reveal it first to my girlfriend.”

Day Seven

“The last day of my “diary” was a Sunday. I don’t work on Sunday and today would be no different. But that would not stop my account from increasing. Trading markets are open every day of the week, so while I was reading the newspaper and drinking my coffee, my account was going up all the time. On this, the last day of my diary, I took a final screenshot of my account, which I am sharing with you today. You may need to pinch yourself to see if you are dreaming! Imagine how I felt! The final balance at the end of the week was a staggering $27,593.65. That’s right, I had earned over $25,000 in my FIRST WEEK. At this point, I withdrew much of my funds. I didn’t want to risk losing it, although there was probably no risk at all. I left about $3,452.67 in the account and transferred over $22,000 into my personal bank account. Within 5 minutes I got a phone call from my bank manager. “We just received $24,140.98 to your bank account. Where did these funds come from?” he asked me. And when I responded “From a online trading broker, there was a pause. Then, he said “Ah, I thought so. You are not the first client at this bank we have seen earning large funds from that source.” Then, he invited me in to discuss investment opportunities. Imagine that… only 1 week ago, I had been declined a new credit card because of my poor debt history. I was working minimum wage, barely enough to pay the bills. Now, the manager was rolling out the red carpet and inviting me in for a private meeting.”

“I Couldn’t Be Any Happier with the Results. I Earned $27,593.65 in 7 Days, No Learning Needed, Almost No Work Required”

Conclusion: As a consumer, you may have your doubts about the effects of this trading, it’s only natural, but maybe  you should give it a try, because there is little to nothing to lose, as this trading platform does offer a full refund on your initial deposit if you don’t want to trade. It’s up to you.

If you do wish to give it a try, there are several sites offering FOREX Trading but not all offer the best quality or guarantees, look for the one who offers a minimal entry deposit, personal trading coach and an 24/7 available customer service. Or, simply follow the links we have provided you, and you will get a quality system that works; no tricks!

In these difficult economic times, everyone deserves an opportunity to earn extra cash, not just rich celebrities and bank managers that keep all the secrets to themselves. That is why we decided to expose this secret to everyone. You may not earn millions, nobody can promise this, but remember even a few thousands can make a huge difference. You can pay your debt, not worry about the bills or the rent, and have the holiday of a lifetime. 


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